Apr 29 2015

How to Become a Comic Artist

colored pencilsComic book illustration is a very specialised field, and though formal training may not be necessary for someone with very clear talent, a training institution can often have contacts with employers that would be difficult to find alone, although in this electronic age, even that rule of thumb is less true than it once was. A quick search on the internet can highlight both job and training opportunities.Also in this electronic age, it is necessary not only to be able to draw, but to be able to use software such as Photoshop, Quark Express, Illustrator and others, in order to keep up with trends in the workplace.Formal training can be an art degree; however, make sure that the course you choose caters specifically to illustration and comics if possible. Work experience can also prove that you’re serious about your career decision, as can drawing cartoons for a school publication or newspaper, or finding opportunities for freelance illustrator work at local papers or magazines. You may even be lucky enough to find someone who needs their book illustrated!Many publishers of childrens’ books have a need for good illustrators, as do film production companies. Joining a professional association in your country will give you information about upcoming conventions, employers and ideas for finding work.The most important advice you will find though, is to hone your skills and draw, draw, draw! Sometimes it can be so involving to look for opportunities that the skills themselves can be neglected. Ask yourself if drawing every day is as attractive as it sounds. You will need a good imagination, good interpersonal skills for discussing ideas with writers and other professionals in the industry, and patience to find solutions that work for everyone involved.Comic book artists are often lively, fun people, and this can be an extremely rewarding and individual career, offering the freedom of freelance work with the affirming sensation of seeing your work in print and enjoyed by many.